3-6 years

6 years ago Oscar was dumped in the Temple puppy pen as a small sick puppy.  We brought him into our Healing Centre for several months before sending him back to the nun who was caring for him.  He's grown into a strong, playful dog who loves attention and gives lots of affection back.


For the past 2 years (2020 now) Oscar has been living at our Healing Centre cos he was being attacked at the Temple.  He's settled in very well with the female dogs but doesn't get on well with other males.  He's full of fun and antics.  Whoever adopts Oscar will have a lot of fun with him.  He is shy at first until he's bonded so he'll need gentle care for the first few weeks.


Please give Oscar the attention he so dearly loves and take him into your home and heart.


Oscar is fully vaccinated and neutered.

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