3-6 years


My name is Bella and I survived Distemper. I was 6 months old and living in the hostile environment of a local temple; home to hundreds of aggressive and territorial dogs. I was sick and with no one to look out for me I faced certain death.

One day my luck changed. A lady who was visiting the temple fell in love with me and took me home with her. I thought I’d hit the jackpot: my forever home. But, then one day the lady took me to Headrock Dogs and asked them to look after me as she had to leave Thailand. She promised to come back for me when she returned. She never did: so I’m still here. I double check the visitors at the shelter just in case it’s her, but it never is.

Distemper is a horrible disease. It attacks the nervous system and affects the brain and spinal cord causing fits and seizures. My tiny body shook constantly and my back legs could only keep me a few inches off the ground leaving me covered in sores. This was on top of sarcoptic mange. It was touch and go for a while.

Fighting for my life…again

I pulled through only to then suffer from an infestation of fleas and blood parasites. For the second time in life I was at death’s door and was rushed 200km to the big vet hospital. After lots of tests they confirmed I had blood parasites. My blood platelets were very, very low and my kidney readings were dangerous and to top it all my liver wasn’t good either. They put me on a drip and gave me lots of medication. If I didn’t start to eat I would die. Day 3 I ate a small piece of sausage and turned the corner.

Five years on I have grown in strength, although I’m still a little on the thin side. I take Neurobion medicine so I no longer shake. My backs legs are still a bit weak so when I run they do tend to get a little tangled up!

I’ve been told that I’ll never be 100% healthy and I’m unlikely to live as long as some of the other dogs here: but I’m a happy dog.

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