3-6 years


My name is Chabba.

Back in 2015 I was left for dead at the side of the road. A speeding truck hit me; the driver didn’t glance back while I lay in road bleeding.

It was the worst day of my life and my faith in human nature evaporated in that split second.

I was about to give up my fight for life when I felt myself being carried and then driven somewhere. There were kind people in the world after all: they took me to the vets. Still unconscious, the vet gave me a thorough examination. He said I was a very lucky dog and I’d escaped without any major injuries. He was worried about a possible brain injury but after more tests he felt my brain was OK. Heavily sedated I was taken to Headrock Dogs Rescue where I’ve lived ever since.

Learning to trust is a slow process.

From the moment I arrived I’ve been a nervous and skittish dog. Even after all this time, I won’t allow anyone to get close to me. They think I may have brain damage as I don’t seem to be able to remember people very well after only a few days absence.

I do like it when the volunteers come and visit me: they bring me treats which I love! I take my time, making sure they are trustworthy. I’ll get closer and closer and steal a treat from their hand. If someone stays for a while and I get to know them better I might let them stroke my face.

It was hoped that once I’d fully recovered I’d be able to return to a safe area away from the road, but due to my shyness I will stay here at Headrock Dogs forever.

I’m very happy in my pen that I share my pen with my best friend Freddie who is blind. There’s lots of space for me to run up and down. There are puppies on the other side of the fence and we have so much fun racing each other.

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