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0-3 years


13 tiny puppies from 3 litters were found on the side of the road and brought to us.  Crystal was one of 3 sisters from the same litter.  Sadly her 2 sisters were adopted leaving her alone.  Crystal was sad and that was the start of her health problems. 

First her eyes became very inflamed and watery and she couldn't bear strong sunlight.  Happily it was nothing serious but we had to treat them for several months.  Then red blotches started to appear first on her face and then all over her body.  She was very unwell and in pain.  Poor little Crystal hid away under her bench shivering from her fever.  We coaxed her out so we could treat her with our natural skin remedies.  Slowly she started to recover, regain her strength and become the happy little talkative  dog we all love.

  Despite our diligence in continuing her skin care treatment little Crystal has broken out in horrible red patches 3 times.  Last time her lymph glands swelled so badly poor Crystal could hardly swallow but we contained the infection to her face and neck.

Crystal is a very delicate sensitive little dog and we believe part of the problem is stress.  She becomes upset when things change in our Healing Centre.  New people arrive or work starts on a new pen.  Crystal doesn't like change.  Another problem is the environment she lives in which is clean but dusty some of the dust comes from concrete which is acid.

Happily Crystal has a best friend Peanut who shares her pen and they love and play together most evenings. 

Please sponsor Crystal and give her the care she deserves to help make her better.  She would be so happy.

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