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6-9 years


My name is King and I’d be so happy if you could Sponsor me. 

When Headrock Dogs found me at the local temple and I was at deaths door with no fur and I was so skinny you could see all my bones. My bones are old and weary. I need exercise to help keep my arthritis at bay.

I have recently been for a checkup as I feel a lot of pain when I move, I'm so stiff.
I was diagnosed with blood parasites last month and I'm half way through my treatment. I'm improving and eating well but my lack of movement is concerning. The vet examined me in the car as lifting me is painful. I like my vet and wag my tail when I see him. I know he is trying to help me!
The diagnosis is the same. Arthritis and stiffness due to lack of exercise and old age. I am already on several anti-inflammatory meds but they don't seem to help as much as they should.

The vet recommended swimming which I'll try when the weather gets better. The sea is a few meters away and there are several dogs that need swimming exercise. What we need is a swimming walkway where us dogs can walk against the force of the water. We'll start a fundraiser to make one. :0

Please sponsor me!