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Bang Saphan

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Thailand 77140

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9+ years


Patch would make a loving, quiet companion to a loving patient person who understands the needs of an old and initially timid dog. Please give Patch who is now about 12 years old the happiness she so craves in the last chapter of her life. Patch is neutered and fully vaccinated.

Patch came to us from Hua Hin where she’d been rescued as a puppy and she was very nervous and snappy to those she didn’t know. During the 8 years Patch has been with us she’s grown into a loving, placid dog who loves cuddles from our volunteers when they arrive. She’s also a very quiet dog who lies with her friends and never makes a problem with any other dog unless they try to steal her food.

Patch had a very close young friend for several years and they loved to jump over the fence and go hunting. The both came back every night but sadly one night her great friend didn’t come back and I searched high and low for her. She never came back and Patch was depressed for nearly a year. She’s now recovered from her sadness and gets lots of love from our volunteers.

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