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Thailand 77140

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3-6 years


Peanut was found in a car park emaciated with a broken back and paws trying to care for her 5 puppies.  They were hungry cos Peanut had no milk.  She was starving too.  She scoured the roadside for scraps when she was hit by a car.  She dragged herself back  to her pups and hid away under a building.  That's when we found her.

Peanut's luck changed.  We took care of her puppies and got them neutered when the time came.   After taking Peanut to the vet who said she may have a slight chance to walk again we brought her into our Healing Centre.  She was such a sad sight, thin, tiny and struggling to stand up.  But Peanut slowly put on weight and was neutered.  Not before time as she had a nasty infection in her womb and would have died if we hadn't found her.

Fast forward 2 years and Peanut lives with her 2 best friends.  Crystal and Somkit another paraplegic dog.  Peanut has regular physiotherapy to keep her back legs supple and she loves the attention often falling asleep.   She also loves to scoot around in her drag bag but her greatest love is her little cart.  She whizzes around over rough terrain and never falls over, she runs to play with our other dogs and even tries to bully some of them! 

Please help Peanut's luck to continue and sponsor this sweet little dog.   She's had such a sad start to live first being abandoned, then being hit by a car, then losing her puppies.  She would be overjoyed if someone would care for her durng her time with us.  Our greatest wish is that Peanut will be adopted in Thailand one day but she's have to go with her greatest friend Crystal!

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