My name is Siri and my story will bring tears to your eyes. Like all the dogs here I was born on the streets of Thailand, with no one to look after me and I was regularly covered in ticks. These ticks are life threatening damaging the blood, liver and kidneys: the disease is known locally as blood parasites.

The blood parasites paralysed my back legs. I was unable to walk for several months. I had to drag my legs to get around and this caused me further problems: a bladder infection and an infected wound on my leg. I’ve visited the veterinary hospital so many times I’ve lost count.

After several months of intensive care I showed signs of improvement making very slow, steady progress. I had regular massages and also went swimming to strengthen my legs.

About 2 years later I suffered from hip dysplasia which is where the ball joint comes out of its socket. After lots of treatment and rest I was no better so I had a hip luxation operation. The vet removed the ball joint. Sounds pretty awful but this is normal treatment for this kind of injury.

Normally the muscles grow around the bone to keep it in place. But my thigh muscles are so weak on that leg it bends out a lot when I walk. I have learned to cope by using a unique hop and skip technique. I’ve tried swimming therapy but I do cheat and don’t use that leg! I am still treated to a gentle message every week by a lovely volunteer.

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