9+ years


I was thrown onto the beach in a sack with my 6 siblings six years ago. It was dark and I was terrified.

Someone stopped nearby and shone a light on us all. My siblings were caught quickly but I tried to bite anyone who came near and had a rug thrown over me. Eight months later I was adopted with my sister. It was a great place with lots of space and trees but the next door neighbour’s dog came and chased me so I ran and hid amongst the pineapples.

My carers from Headrock Dogs came every day, for three days to find me. 


I could hear them calling but was too terrified to come out of hiding. Thep found me under a pineapple plant. I’ve never forgotten that experience and have remained very shy ever since. I don’t like things being done to me so sometimes snap if they try to shampoo me or cut my toenails. 

Suddenly in 2017 became ill and no-one knows why and sadly I can’t tell them. First my eye became cloudy and I couldn’t see very well. The next day I started staggering and my eye was worse. I was rushed to the vet and examined. He thought I’d been hit hard on my side but I couldn’t say that no-one had touched me. I couldn’t eat, my breathing was laboured and I was bringing up bile. Then I couldn’t stand. My carers put me on a drip for 2 days and I thought I was going to die. They rushed me to another vet who has lots of equipment 100kms away.

They x-rayed me and saw that my left lung was badly infected and my stomach was twisted. That’s why I couldn’t eat and was bringing up bile. They gave me oxygen to help me to breath more easily. The vet also said my condition was similar to a road accident or a hard hit on my side. But that nothing like that had happen. I was kept in the vet clinic for 5 days and I started to feel a bit better. After 3 days I started to eat but my bodily functions weren’t working so well. I couldn’t tell them that I didn’t want to dirty my cage but eventually I had to relieve myself and they were so happy!! 

Then my carers from Headrock Dogs came to collect me and I was overjoyed, I thought I was going to have to stay in my small cage forever. When I arrived back all my old friends came to see me at the gate with wagging tails. I walked very slowly to the grassy area and sniffed around but I was still very shaky. I’m feeling better already after returning home. Please sponsor me as I need some kind person to care for me in case I fall ill again.

Please sponsor me!