3-6 years


My name is Tappi and I was thrown into the Temple puppy pen along with my 2 sisters when I was so tiny. My sisters were adopted quickly, but I wouldn’t let people catch me so I was left behind.

Eventually I was adopted as a puppy by a lady who had adopted several pups from Headrock Dogs. She told me I was her special puppy; I thought I’d found my forever home

Sadly I was mistaken. My owner went away for several months and left me in the care of her workers who didn’t like me. It was no longer home and I ran away.

When my owner returned she tried to catch me. She’d abandoned me, why would I go running to her when she called my name? I ended up living in a nice lady’s garden, she fed me too. I was doing OK until I was hit by a motorbike. I was lucky I didn’t break any bones, but my leg was very painful and I had to hop around on 3 legs for a long time.

Out of the blue a white car that I recognised stopped nearby. Verity got out and called my name. A friendly voice: I came running. She was shocked by how thin I was and she saw that I had an injured leg; she cried all the way back to Headrock Dogs where I’ve been ever since.

I suffer from stomach acid so I need anti-acid medicine regularly to keep my food down, this is why I’m still quite thin. My delicious diet consists of rice and chicken with oils and vitamins to help my tummy.

When I walk I hold up my leg that was injured, even though there were no broken bones. I receive special massages to help strengthen my leg and shoulder which was partially dislocated at the same time. It’s been a slow recovery.

Recently I had a nasty attack of blood parasites which is caused by ticks. Verity and Thep were away and no one noticed I had lots of ticks sucking my blood. When my carers came back they saw all the ticks and quickly treated me with Doxycycline.

It takes me a few days to accept new people. For a bit of naughty fun I occasionally run towards new people! I’m much more confident than I used to be and no longer hide under my bed, although I do sometimes retreat to a my kennel if I’m feeling a little scared.

At 8 years old some would say I’m getting quite old. I’m not a strong dog due to my past health issues. My carers are worried that the blood parasite attack may have damaged my kidneys so I’m on a special diet to keep them healthy.

Please sponsor me so Headrock Dogs can keep my kidneys healthy for a few more years.

Please sponsor me!