3-6 years


Tony is only 4 years old and has had a terrible life so far.  He was thrown into a temple as a young puppy where he had a very hard time.  After a few months of being chased and bitten by the temple dogs, he ran away.

We found him outside a shop in town where he was being fed. He looked much happier.  Then he disappeared again for a year.  We thought he'd died.  A week ago (September 2022) we spotted a horrifically emaciated dog who we thought might be Tony but weren't sure.  We called him and he came running to us.

OMG Tony, what's happened to you?

Our first thought was blood parasites so we took him to the vet for a test.  He was positive of course so we brought him into our Healing Centre for immediate treatment.  We were sure he hadn't eaten for weeks but were surprised how good his coat was with no sign of mange and his eyes were clear.

But how were we going to treat Tony for blood parasites with strong antibiotics which could damage his stomach and liver further?  We had to get him stronger and eating well first.  He was given small cups of food every four hours but he had difficulty eating.  Tony coughed and retched bringing up bits of undigested rice and mucous that came from his nose.

We began to realise Tony hadn't been cruelly starved on the streets, he couldn't eat what he was given.  It was clear Tony had a problem with his GI tract starting with his trachea, his stomach and his intestines.  We pureed his chicken, veggies and rice and he began to eat slowly without retching.

After one week with us, Tony is looking a bit stronger.  His appetite hasn't improved as much as we'd hoped but we realise it'll take several weeks or longer for his GI tract to start working normally again.  We plan to take him to our special cases vet 100ks away to check his blood work and examine him thoroughly.

Tony has a long way to go before he starts eating normally and we can treat him for blood parasites.  He's had a terrible life so far and would dearly love someone to sponsor him and show they care.  

Please consider being that person.

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