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0-3 years


At just 3 weeks old, Benz suffered a head bite from his mother, initially treated with Beta-dine. However, the wound led to encephalitis, risking his life. A 100km dash to our serious cases vet followed, with Benz barking all the way. The vet said he had a 50/50% chance of survival.  He was on a lot of strong medication but amazingly after one week of constant barking, Benz suddenly stopped and started to show improvement.  After a further week the vet advised that we brought him home to recover with his family.

Further challenges arose, We brought Benz into our house believing he would be happier but instead he became more stressed and started to lose his balance.  He fell into our pond several times banging his head which has led to his complete inability to walk.  Needless to say, we are devastated.  He then suffered a centipede bite further affecting his mobility. Benz faces difficulties standing due to his further head injuries and weakened legs. Physiotherapy efforts persist, but setbacks occur, necessitating a restart. His determined spirit is evident as he strives to regain mobility. Challenges persist but his resilience inspires.

Please consider sponsoring this seriously changelled dog who has so many difficulties to overcome.  Photos show ongoing efforts to help Benz stand. The journey is tough and our commitment to Benz's recovery remains unwavering. He hasn't given up, and neither have we. Your support, encouragement, and donations are vital for Benz's rehabilitation and the rescue of other dogs. Please share our story to spread awareness of the ongoing challenges we face.

Thank you.

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