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0-3 years


When Benz was only 3 weeks old he was bitten on the head by his mama. The bite wound was treated with Beta-dine for the next few days, but (thankfully) was not deep enough to require sutures or stitches. All was fine for the first few days of treatment, but then we noticed the wound was becoming red and swollen. And our concern only grew upon treating it with a Beta-dine wash some of the treatment started to drip out of his nose.

We raced 100ks to our special-cases vet whilst Benz barked the entire time.. And sadly the vet told us the bite wound had gone to his brain and Benz had encephalitis, with a 50/50 chance of survival. Benz was admitted and immediately given IV fluids and strong antibiotics.

For the first week he barked and screamed continuously.  Then a miracle happened.  Benz stopped screaming and became more aware of his surroundings.  He started to lift his little head and look around and his appetite improved.  Benz was recovering. 

When we visited him the vet told us to take him home.  We couldn't believe our ears.  She said he was out of danger and would do much better at home with his siblings. We were overjoyed our wonderful vets had saved little Benz's life.

He'd even started trying to walk in his cage but his front legs kept collapsing.  The vet advised daily neurobian meds for his brain and daily physiotherapy.  We've been working hard to get little Benze mobile again and he's fighting so hard to get back on track.  We can see how badly this little boy wants to be like his brothers and sisters again.

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