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9+ years


Chuchai was found lying in the middle of the road totally exhausted.  A kind lady saw him and braved the traffic to try to move him.  It was then that she noticed a bad smell coming from his ears.  When she looked she was horrified at the  sight she saw.  Hundreds of maggots eating his ears which were full of pus and blood.

She called us for help.  We got Chuchai to the vet quickly.  He was so ill and exhausted he hardly moved while the vet extracted all the maggots deep inside his ear canal  and dressed his ears.

Chuchai has been at our Healing Centre for a month now (June 2021).  His ears have healed well but Chuchai still has very little energy.  He was very thin and probably hadn't eaten for days when he was found.

We know that he was being fed by people working in a rubber tree plantation.  When they moved on Chuchai was left to starve.

It's going to take a long time to get Chuchai back to a healthy condition.  He's an old dog and has suffered a lot of neglect in his long life.

Please help sweet old Chuchai by sponsoring him in his old age.  He deserves someone to care about him in his twilight years

Thank you for caring.

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