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6-9 years


King would dearly love a sponsor.  King can't walk any longer, King is a very brave and loving old boy. He deserves someone to care about him in the few years he has left.

King's arthritis has been getting progressively worse over the last year.  We massaged him and stood him in the standing frame but over time it got too painful.

The above video was taken about 3 (2022) years ago when he could still walk in a stiff manner.

Sadly, King can no longer walk, his front ankle joints are now miss-shapen making it imposible for him to stand. However, King remains a remarkably happy dog who often maneouvers himself onto the grass where he loves to sunbathe.  We give him anti-inflammatory meds amongst other vitamins and oils which help keep him pain free.  King loves his bed where he lies watching everyone.

King would love someone to care about him in his crippled old age. He has learnt to live with his crippling artheritis remarkably well.

Please sponsor me!

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