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Stay safe and make us laugh!

Stay Safe and Make Us Laugh is our brand new competition fundraiser aimed at keeping you and your fur babies fit and happy during COVID-19Create a 1 - 2 minute video clip showing how you and your furry friend are keeping fit at home. The winner will receive a Headrock Dogs Rescue t-shirt and tote bag. 

Help us meet our target of £1,000 for operations, medicines and food costs during this COVID-19 pandemic!


It can be playing, stretching, standing on your head or hopping around the garden with your dog(s)! They can be watching you do your crazy keep fit antics or singing along to your keep fit music (we’re looking at you huskies).

This is an amazing challenge to help us raise essential funds and keep fit. Let's share some laughs during this difficult time.  Stay Safe and Make Us Laugh is for all ages, capabilities and dog breeds!


Why take part in Stay Safe and Make Us Laugh?

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on our way of life, this pandemic is causing disruption worldwide and at Headrock Dogs Rescue. This virus outbreak is dramatically impacting our fundraising efforts and ability to care for the stray dogs of Thailand. We have over 400 who need feeding.  All these dogs are either temple or street dogs who lead very hard lives. Our budget doesn't meet their needs and we desperately need funds. If we can't feed them they might steal food or kill chickens and get poisoned.

Please read our COVID-19 support and appeal page for more information on why fundraisers like the Stay Safe and make us Laugh are desperately needed during this time.

We hope to hear from you, our worldwide supporters, and plan to be laughing all the way to the end of June! If you have any questions please contact us at

How to sign up


  1. Just submit an entrance fee of anything from £15.00 to £5000 $, AUD, Euro or Baht to our Paypal account. If you don’t use Paypal donate by credit or debit card

  2. We will be judging your videos at the end of June, so, please send them to us asap, via We-Transfer or an app of your choice together with the entry fee receipt and your full name to  

  3. We’re asking for an entrance fee as we rely heavily on your support to help us continue our work through this difficult time. 

  4. If you are happy to share your video on social media, please use #StayHomeSafeUsLaugh and tag us, @headrockdogs for Facebook and @headrock_dogs_rescue_2 for Instagram. This will really help raise awareness and enable your friends and family to see your amazing keep fit regime!!   

  5. Every entrant will be sent a certificate of completion and the winner will receive a Headrock Dogs Rescue t-shirt and tote bag. .

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