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Saving Thailand's Forgotten Dogs

We are very proud to partner with international charity, FOUR PAWS as part of their Southeast Asia Partnership Program for 2019. This program aims to build a strong network of animal welfare charities across the region to provide desperately needed sterilization, rescue, feeding for dogs and cats, and veterinary training programs.


The objective of 'Saving Thailand’s Forgotten Dogs' program is to improve the living conditions for abandoned, sick and injured dogs in the vast area of Bang Saphan. The region is a backwater where thousands of abandoned and unneutered dogs live wild or in Temples.  In this area, local government support is scant, and there is a very limited veterinary capacity to provide quality care for dogs in need.

Over 400 dogs in our program are vaccinated during the first 3 months of the year. 

These dogs live in Temples situated around the market area of Bang Saphan and a number of Temples 15 – 20 kilometres from town. 

Some 100 street dogs are also included in this program together with a holding site near the Myanmar border.   Rabies vaccinations are also given to street dogs and those owned by impoverished residents not in our program in an effort to keep Bang Saphan free from rabies.


The program provides ongoing care for nearly 400 dogs and puppies living in 7 temples and area near the Myanmar border.  Over 50 street dogs are also included.  In addition to providing outreach services including feeding, vaccination, and preventive care, the program also responds to cases of sick or injured dogs. The number of emergencies often seems endless – from road traffic accidents to cases of infectious disease. These dogs receive the medical care they so desperately require, and are cared for at our Healing Centre following medical treatment. The program aims to work with local communities, to ultimately help them take better care of animals.


Through the partnership program, the outreach team can now undertake monthly de-tick programs, vaccinate the dogs and puppies regularly and take sick or injured dogs to the vet for immediate treatment. In addition, the project includes an important feeding program – this means that they can now provide good quality food, every day, for almost 400 dogs!

An outreach team deploys throughout the area, responding to sick and injured animals. Team members include Pa, Sert, Jai and Kru (Teacher) Daeng and our Outreach Manager Lin. Every month they report their progress to Verity and Thep who collaborate with FOUR PAWS to ensure that rescuing dogs and rescuing puppies interventions are targeted and effective. These committed dog lovers have been caring for dogs in Bang Saphan and surrounding areas for over 10 years. 


Before FOUR PAWS partnership, outreach team members were forced to raise their own funds to help abandoned and sick dogs by selling fruit juices, working as motorbike taxi drivers and selling food at festivals. These selfless people have little themselves, and yet they are always giving to the dogs in their community.

Saving Thailand’s Forgotten Dogs has a strong community based emphasis, offering medical services and sterilization to pet owners who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Neutering is an important part of the program and we reach out to locals who have large numbers of dogs to care for, offering free spay and neuter services to combat the birth of unwanted litters. Compassionate local people often end up with large numbers of dogs after unsterilised stray dogs arrive at their homes hungry. While the dogs are fed with rice and leftovers, local people are unable to pay for medical costs. With FOUR PAWS support, these kind-hearted animal lovers can be helped by providing medical assistance and care for their dogs, should the need arise

There are also plans to educate the local community through school lectures, an education program, and encouraging school children to visit the Temples we support with this program. This way, we can cultivate compassion from a young age. We plan to place posters at the Temples asking locals to ensure dog safety by driving carefully, checking under their cars before driving off, and other suggestions to keep both dogs and visitors safe.


The program will run for at least one year, after which we anticipate a higher standard of animal welfare will be achieved in the region, and will result in many more animals being able to live safer, happier lives.

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