Soda - Donations received to buy Soda's Wheelchair

Updated: Feb 19

A big thank you to everyone that helped towards her wheelchair.

It's very sad when our help arrives too late for a dog. Soda was tragically hit by car two years ago, but was never given any medical treatment. Now, it is up to us to help her feel better.

Her owners took her to the local vet who has no x-ray machine, so nothing was done. They didn't even look further for help and did not care for their sadly injured dog. Both of Soda's back legs were dislocated from her hip joint but neither are broken. If she'd had x-rays and treatment immediately after her accident she could be walking today. But unfortunately, both of her joints are badly calcified ruling out any hope that she will walk again. 

Thankfully, the next door neighbor took over Soda's care and made sure she was safe but had no money for expensive treatment. Now that we know of Soda and her situation, we will help with any medication and treatment needed. She needs bandages, gauze pad, and antibiotic cream periodically to help her drag wounds and urine burns.

A VIDEO TO MAKE YOU SMILE. Soda takes her first steps after about 3 years. During all those miserable years she'd been lying on the floor with her back legs dislocated. No-one took her for an x-ray when she could have had a chance to walk again. A team member of our program Saving Thailand's Forgotten Dogs supported by FOUR PAWS International brought Soda to our attention. She had x-rays which confirmed it was too late for her to walk again and one back leg was so swollen it had to be amputated.

After recovering we ordered Soda a wheelchair and you can see the result. Soda's mastered turning into her drive very well even though she got a bit tired! She got up and and tried again successfully!

A BIG thank you to all the wonderful people who donated to help us buy Soda's wheelchair.

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