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6-9 years

Blind Freddie arrived in 2016. 

He had been kicked out of the temple where he'd lived since a puppy by new monks who didn't want him near their house. He'd fallen in a deep pond trying to escape their mistreatment and was found running terrified in the middle of a busy road. Just imagine how he must of felt being blind and terrified with cars whizzing past him.

Shortly after arriving Freddie fell sick with a vicious blood parasite attack. He slept beside my bed for weeks in terriblle pain. Happily he pulled through after two months of treatment and slowly regained his strength. He now lives with his adoring harem of 5 females who spoil him with their constant licking and grooming.

Despite his blindness Freddie is very active and loves to walk around visiting his favourite spots. He's now begining to show his age and prefers to sleep under a big tree. Freddie is terriefied of thunder, so we have to put him in a large pen when a storm approaches to keep him safe.

Freddie is a very happy old boy who loves attention and cuddles.

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