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Feeding Temple & Street Dogs

Before and Now

We help feed dogs in five temples and a large group of street dogs.

Hungry dogs are often sick dogs, their immune systems are low and parasites and diseases attack them easily.

Hungry dogs are often aggressive dogs having to fight for their food and survival.

Hungry dogs are often injured searching for food. That's why food is a very important part of our program.

Take a look at the pictures below, how well behaved these temple and street dogs are at food time. No squabbling, snarling or stealing each other's food. The monks and carers feed them in a quiet orderly way often in individual bowls.


Street dogs are given small piles of food on the pavement and they know which pile is theirs! No food is thrown on the ground leaving them to fight for their share.

If you're wondering how is it possible dogs who live hard lives on the streets and in temples can be so well behaved. The answer is Trust. 

They trust their carers will give them enough food.

They trust no-one will get left out.

They trust if they do get pushed out their carers will help them get their food. 




If anyone would like to help support our essential feeding program, please make a donation however small.

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