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Wish List

Dog Food

Temple dogs and puppies would be living off sour rice mixed with chillies, toothpicks and tissues if we didn't supply bags of dog food. We currently feed 80 Temple dogs and any number of puppies dumped in the puppy pen. This adds up to 15 x 20kgs of dry dog food a month. So as you can imagine we are grateful for any help to support the forgotten dogs of Thailand.

We have over 60 hungry dogs at the centre and we get through a lot of dog food. We can never have too much dog food. 



Dog Harness

When a dog or puppy is adopted we always supply a harnesses, our dogs have not been trained to walk with a collar and lead and a harness is a more gentle option. We are constantly having to restock our harnesses and can never have too many!



Puppy Food

Puppy food takes up a large part of our monthly budget. We not only feed the puppies at our centre but also any number of puppies dumped in the puppy pen at the temple. Puppy food is almost double the price of adult dog food.



Skin Treatment Shampoo

We have a number of dogs who suffer from severe dermatitis, which is particularly prevalent in the hot summer months. Keeping our dogs clean to avoid infection is at the top of our priority list. We go through a lot of shampoo with all our dogs and are always in need of more in stock. 




Rabies vaccines are vital to keep the dogs and ourselves protected against rabies which is a danger in Thailand. We vaccinate our dogs at the Centre and the Temple every year just before summer when rabies is most prevalent.


Combined vaccinations are essential for the safety of our dogs who are vaccinated as soon as they are 6 weeks old and then each year after to protect against killer viruses including Distemper, Parvo, Influenza and Leptospira.



Organic pet shampoo

With so many dogs to wash, we are always in need of more shampoo. We are very keen on using organic products on our dogs and have just recently been introduced to this particular one which protects against fleas. It is very effective, non toxic and gentle on their skin. Help keep our dogs looking and feeling their best.