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Vaccinations and

Another life saving program

Vaccinations 2023

In May 2023, we launched our life-saving 200-dog vaccination program! 45 temple dogs were fully vaccinated, joining 28 temple dogs and puppies that had already been vaccinated. This brought the total number of temple dogs and puppies protected against rabies, distemper, parvo, and four other killer viruses to 73. There were still six more temple dogs to vaccinate the following day, bringing the final figure to 80.

We hoped the temperature would be lower than the 42C we experienced the previous day. The heat was exhausting and extremely challenging, but we knew it was a time when a rabies outbreak could occur. Thailand had already had 13 'red zone' rabies districts, mainly in North and Central Thailand far away from us.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous supporters who donated towards the massive 22,000 baht or $660 vaccine bill. The donations we received covered about half the total amount.

Thank you for helping to save lives.

Vaccinations ensure safety against Rabies and other diseases  

Vaccinations 2022

Our small team of 3 people vaccinated 40 temple dogs yesterday working with the support of the Livestock Department. Our annual program includes up to 200 street, temple and our Healing Centre dogs.

The high temperatures we experience every summer make the possibility of a rabies outbreak much higher. 2 years ago a cat living close to the temple contracted rabies and scratched her owner who contracted the virus. The Livestock Dept put the cat down and the owner was treated and recovered in hospital. It was a very worrying time


We can now breathe more easily knowing these temple dogs are safe for another year from rabies as well as distemper, parvo, leptospirosis and influenza. All the temple puppies were vaccinated within a week of them being abandoned in the temple.

Keep Temple And Street Dogs Safe

Vaccinations 2021

50 Temple dogs were vaccinated against a range of viruses and rabies.


We're not only keeping the dogs safe we're also keeping the community safe. We always vaccinate during the hot summer months when rabies can be a danger.

Last year a cat living a few kilometres from the temple tested positive for rabies. There was a scare in the village but we were able to prove to the Govt Livestock Dept. that all the temple dogs were vaccinated.

Your donation will help keep our temple street dogs and puppies safe from killer viruses. 

Thank you for your support.