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Keep Temple And Street Dogs Safe

Vaccinations 2021

50 Temple dogs vaccinated against a range of viruses and rabies.


We're not only keeping the dogs safe we're also keeping the community safe. We always vaccinate during the hot summer months when rabies can be a danger.

Last year a cat living a few kilometres from the temple tested positive for rabies. There was a scare in the village but we were able to prove to the Govt Livestock Dept. that all the temple dogs were vaccinated.

Vaccinations 2019 & 2020

In 2019, ZERO dogs and puppies died from the deadly parvo distemper and rabies viruses. The continuation of our program will make sure this year the number is ZERO again.

Our Outreach team recently spent a successful day vaccinating 60 dogs and puppies. They were all well-behaved cos they knew treats were in-store and they trusted us. All the dogs and puppies are in much better condition since being in our program with the addition of good food and monthly de-tick treatments.


In the same week, 100 dogs were vaccinated as part of our vaccination drive to keep Temple and street dogs in our program safe as well as our community. 

We chose the most vulnerable dogs who live in Temples and on streets in an area where Distemper has killed many feral dogs.  In a week our Outreach team did a fantastic job again, with the help of dog-loving monks in several Temples who held the dogs still whilst being vaccinated.


Puppies Vaccinated 


Of utmost importance was keeping the puppies safe too.  The Parvovirus is vicious killing young puppies in a few agonizing days.  As both the Parvo and Distemper viruses can stay in the ground for a year it’s essential the dogs and puppies are well protected by our vaccination program.

Your donation will help keep our temple street dogs and puppies safe from killer viruses. 

Thank you for your support.

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