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Treating - Mange


Veronica's Amazing Transformation!

Veronica is one of many half-starved dogs we find and rescue with this horrible disease 'mange'.

She's been treated by one of our team members, at the house where Veronica is living.

We visited her 3 times during her treatment, on this 3rd visit we were amazed by her incredible recovery.

The pictures below show her recovery over a 4 month period. Veronica's treatment consisted of anti-parasite medication, anti-biotics, vitamins and fish oil. She was also given regular dry food given by our team member.

Her owner is a typical upcountry Thai lady who feeds dogs that arrive at her house. She can't catch many of them Veronica being one. All she can do is give them leftover food and shelter.

Our team member has been slowly neutering all the dogs at this lady's house and the next-door neighbour's.  Veronica will also be neutered.

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Thank you.

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