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We are very lucky to have many dedicated supporters who know we need help with funds and donations. These wonderful people take it upon themselves to raise funds for us often causing themselves considerable hardship. They are our angels and we truly value their great efforts. Read the trials and tribulations some of our fundraisers have gone through to help make our dogs’ lives better. 

Franz & Franziska

This fantastic husband and wife team not only dedicate their precious time to our dogs volunteering for the 9 months they are in Thailand but they also raise money for us each time they return their native Switzerland for 3 months to work. They love our dogs so much and they take every opportunity to improve their lives.


Last year they raised 25,000 Baht in Euros which they took to a nearby German town to buy special products for the dogs. They then carried their ladened bags all the way back to us here in Thailand full of fantastic donations. We couldn't be more grateful for these two superstars!


Thank you Franz and Franziska from all the dogs at Headrock!

Jackie’s bike ride

Jackie really wanted to help our dogs. She decided to do a 40 mile off-road bike ride with no training. WOW! What a brave challenge!! She was determined to finish all 40 miles, and finish she did. As a grandmother Jackie is an inspiration to us all, proving age is just a number and you can do anything with enough love and motivation in your heart. Thank you Jackie, your big heart made a very big difference for our grateful dogs! 


Here's what Jackie had to say:


Having visited this wonderful place the previous year, I knew I would be returning and wanted to raise some money to take back with me. A 40 mile off-road bike ride seemed a great way to be sponsored. I most certainly am not a cyclist, so this really was a big challenge. My husband cycled with me, giving me more and more encouragement as the miles went by.

I found it extremely hard with some of the conditions of the terrain. I fell off many times. It became even harder as the rain came down. It was my love of the dogs that kept me going. They don't have a choice in life, but I did and wasn't going to let the dogs down. I raised more than my target... just over £600. I was so happy.

Mari & April

In October/November 2018, my friend and I had the pleasure and the privilege of volunteering at Headrock Dogs. Having spoken to Verity to ask if they needed any specific items brought over, we decided to ask for help with donations from the local community in Glasgow, Scotland. We had an overwhelming response from people and we were able to get most items that Verity had mentioned. We had dog jackets, toys and medical items. The only problem was... How do we get ALL of it over to Thailand?!!!


We ended up using up all of our baggage allowance for the flights and got everything squeezed into 2 large suitcases. Our personal belongings were drastically minimised and ended up fitting into the only allowance we had left.. our hand luggage!!!!


Ok, so far so good, then we arrived in Thailand and that's when it really hit us. Four cases had to be crammed onto the train, two of which weighed more than our own bodyweight! Thankfully, due to very kind locals, we managed to get all the cases on board and arrived safely in Bang Saphan.


Whilst at Headrock, the weather was very wet over a couple of days and we managed to see the dog jackets we had brought being used. It was fantastic to see them being put to good use and the dogs being all dry and cosy. We also got to observe the toys being played with by both the adult dogs and the puppies... great enrichment for them all.


It was the experience of a lifetime and I look forward to doing it all again... even hauling the heavy suitcases halfway across the world.

Thank you ladies, all the dogs are very grateful for your generous gifts and your dedication to getting them to us, we look forward to seeing you again!

71/1 Moo 1, Pong Prosart

Bang Saphan

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Thailand 77140

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