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Our Work

Verity and Thep feeding temple dogs

Trust, Compassion & Patience

We take great pride in the gentle and loving care our on-site staff give our dogs. Many arrive terrified from their traumatic ordeals and can be aggressive making patience and compassion an essential part of their recovery process. 

The traumas are endless and our goal is to support these dogs, to help them forget, to regain their trust and to allow them to grow strong and healthy and live happy lives.

Pa helping ferral dog with TVT



Urgent cases of poisoning also need immediate rescuing and treatment to save the dog as do reports of cruelty. Other rescues including TVT cancer cases, skin cancer and infected wounds, minor injuries together with abandoned dogs and puppies are almost daily.  


You can read about some of our rescue cases on our Outreach Program page or for more regular updates on our Facebook page. To support the amazing work our outreach team does, head over to our donate page.


Our Healing Centre

This is where our post-operative care and long term rehabilitations take place. Every dog in our Healing Centre has been traumatized at some point in their life. They’ve been dumped and discarded, terrified and starving. Many are wounded either from road accidents or attacks by other dogs leaving them paralysed, injured or weak.


We believe trust, compassion and patience are the vital components of each dog's recovery program without which they could not overcome their traumas.

Dog needing rehabilitation


Whenever possible we support modern medicine with natural remedies that are gentle on the body and endeavour to build up the dogs’ immune system. 

Dogs with chronic skin ailments and minor wounds receive natural therapy washes and oils. These treatments are ongoing and help build their immune system without danger to internal organs and are very effective.

Wound dressings is a daily occurrence at the centre. Dogs can sometimes be in considerable pain so we may administer gentle pain killers before treatment. 


For dogs with mobility injuries we offer gentle physiotherapy, exercises and massages as part of their recovery treatment. We hope to expand this area by adding a hydro-therapy pool at the centre - when funds allow. 

Our work ethic contributes greatly towards every dogs’ recovery both physically and mentally.


Roaming free

Following rehabilitation the dogs are introduced into our pack and are free to roam. They are free to choose who they socialise with, free to find their own places to rest under the shade of trees and free to play together in the large grass area, and of course they are free to come for cuddles and attention any time they want. It’s all their choice. For the few dogs who are highly nervous or are recovering from ailments, they have individual pens with their own grassy areas.

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