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Puppy Yaps

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

And more Puppies!

17 little fatties with their 2 mums were rescued recently. There's a strong possibility many of the pups would be dead by now if we hadn't responded to an SOS call.

The mums are very tolerant of the tugging little mouths leaving their teets red and sore. So we had to step in and help with puppy food and rice. They love it.

Their table manners aren't the best as they scramble over each other for food but never squabble. We're always watching to make sure every pup gets their fair share.

The nasty tick infestations have been eradicated and they've all had their first de-worm treatment. Thankfully no pups show any signs of blood parasites, their temperatures are normal and they're eating you can see!

Thank you to our generous supporters who donated to help with the upkeep of these 17 furry sweeties. As you may imagine puppy food, rice, vitamins, and vaccinations in a few weeks all take a big chunk out of our budget. If any more of our supporters are able to donate a small amount to help we'd be very grateful.

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