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An experience to remember
We need volunteers all year and we DON'T charge you

Want to leave the beaten track and have a unique and rewarding travelling experience in Thailand?  We’re waiting for you!  This once in a lifetime opportunity will allow you to step away from the typical tourist path in Thailand and become part of a team dedicated to improving the lives of abused and neglected dogs in Bangsaphan’s vast district.


Volunteering with us is about living in the present, surrounded by the affection of wagging tails, and leaving behind personal worries. Giving your time and effort without expecting anything in return can lead to a sense of fulfillment and happiness.   You’ll never forget the joy of working tirelessly to improve the lives of stray and rescued dogs who will show their gratitude with endless licks and smiles.

We are a Thai and UK husband and wife team with 16 years of experience in animal welfare willing to give volunteers the fulfilling opportunity to engage in hands-on work.  Specialized animal care skills are also valued, as you can contribute to the care of special needs dogs.  We always express our gratitude to volunteers who choose to sponsor one of their favorite dogs.

We’re only a few meters away from the unspoiled beaches of Bangsaphan, providing a beautiful tropical setting of palm trees and deep blue seas. What’s even better is that you’ll have the opportunity to soak in these magical settings with few other tourists around.   Volunteering with us offers a fulfilling and different kind of travel experience while actively supporting animal welfare. 

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HRD rescue garden

What to expect

As you approach the rescue center, you will hear a loud chorus of barking dogs. You'll be met by a joyous group of tail-wagging dogs eagerly awaiting your arrival. Step inside, find a spot on the nearest doggy bed where they will all gather around and happily join you.

Some of our shyer dogs might require a bit more time to build their confidence and approach you, which is perfectly normal. In these cases, we encourage you to be patient and take it slow. During your first couple of days, we ask you to take time to get to know the dogs and allowing them to become familiar with you. Given the hands-on nature of the work, forging strong bonds with our four-legged friends is paramount. 

Our daily routine kicks off at 8:30 am, where you'll join our dedicated team in their morning cleaning program. The first tasks on the agenda involve washing pens, sweeping concrete areas, and ensuring water bowls are sparkling clean and refilled. This hands-on work will keep you engaged until 10 am, when it's time to feed our furry friends. Following breakfast, your responsibilities will encompass various tasks, including skin treatments, grooming, assisting with minor wound care, and indulging in some therapeutic shampooing sessions, all of which will keep you occupied until 1 pm.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are full days. During these days, you'll actively participate in helping our paraplegic dogs navigate their wheelchairs and assist newcomers in adjusting to their new surroundings. You will also contribute to the afternoon feeding routine, and help to settle the dogs down for the evening. If you have the enthusiasm and desire to work full days every day to support our staff, we'd be thrilled. There is never a shortage of tasks to tackle, and we'll make sure you're well-fed with lunch provided on these days.

No less than 10 days

We cannot accept volunteers for less than 10 days, this is because we invest a lot of time in helping you to get to know our dogs and teaching you our daily routine. There is a lot of hands-on work with the dogs and they must feel confident with new volunteers.


you will undoubtedly feel proud of your accomplishments with our dogs after experiencing the many facets of animal care you have given them.

Besides, you wouldn't want to leave before you have got to know all our beautiful dogs, would you?

How To Get To Us

Bang Saphan is at the beginning of the South of Thailand. From the north the best form of transport is by train. Thai trains rarely run on schedule so bear this in mind! Find train times online 2023. We recommend planning a daytime arrival as transportation late at night can be challenging. Bangsaphan has no taxi service late at night.

If you want to come by bus the journey is quite arduous and not advisable. The Southern bus terminal is far out of central Bangkok and taxis can be expensive. The arrival time in Bang Saphan is often very late and the bus does not take you into the town which is about 15 km from the dropping-off point. There may be motorbike taxis still around but this is not ideal if you have heavy luggage, and you may have difficulty finding a place to stay for the night.

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What To Wear

We ask volunteers to wear suitable dog-proof clothes that protect you against scratches when they jump up for a cuddle. 

No skimpy shorts and tops please, that attire is for the beach. Strong shoes and in the rainy season you will need a pair of boots. These can be bought in the local market.  


A must is a hat to protect you from the sun. Please keep your nails shortish so you don’t scratch the dogs and only essential jewellery.

Where To Stay

We are happy to advise you of bungalows of where past volunteers have stayed. There are a number of beach bungalows in the 'Suan Luang' area and a few beach bars and restaurants.  Prices for an air conditioned bungalow start at 500bht or £10 per night. 

These bungalows are located about a 30-minute walk along the beach or a short motorbike journey to our Healing Centre. We recommend renting a motorbike as there are no taxis in the area and walking back in the midday heat after a morning volunteering can be challenging. You can rent a motorbike at the bungalow or Why Not Beach bar.


Bang Saphan is a beautiful paradise but it is not a tourist town and is extremely quiet with mostly retiree ex-pats. We strongly recommend younger volunteers come with a friend for company.


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