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Rescuing Puppies


Rescuing Feral Puppies 

Yet another feral Mum with 6 x 3 weeks old puppies were trapped and brought into our Healing Centre. Born in the undergrowth of a large open expanse of wasteland at one of our program Temples. We tracked mum far away when she was pregnant and kept a close watch on her ready to trap her with her pups soon after they'd been born. 

Just in time too, as one puppy's body was sadly found near to the litter, It's possible a snake bit the little one. Mum was trapped the following morning when she went to see her pups in the Temple holding pen. Now they are all reunited. 


This is the 2nd mum and pups to be trapped this year (2020) added to the 5 mums and 38 pups trapped and brought in last year.  All 38 pups were adopted and neutered.

Rescuing Tiny Abandoned Puppies


People who throw innocent little puppies close to a busy road should be arrested. 

We got a call from a kind lady who said 7 small puppies had been dumped on the roadside near her house. She found 3 small bodies hit by passing traffic and 4 others in great danger. She took them to her house but said she couldn't keep them as it's right on the road too. We asked her to bring them to us the next morning.

We treated them for lice, which they were covered in and de-wormed them. After we fed them, they slept..and slept..and slept! Poor little things were exhausted. 

They are very sweet friendly little pups, all female of course. 

5 sickly puppies were dumped on the road outside the temple. The monk brought them into the puppy pen but they weren't doing well. The black puppy was almost blind in one eye and needed daily eye treatment.  Two of them wouldn't eat after one deworm treatment but after the second treatment, their pen was full of dead worms. No wonder these two puppies didn't feel hungry. Almost immediately they joined their siblings gobbling their food down.

8 tiny puppies with their eyes just open and covered in lice were dumped near a busy main road in the heavy rain. What's worse someone had put food in the box for the puppies that can't even eat. But red fire ants can! They swarmed the food and bit the tiny puppies who were crying in pain. The people who brought the pups to us worked as quickly as they could to get the ants off. Poor little mites.

9 tiny puppies were rescued from the beach near old Auntie who called us for help. They quickly learned to drink goat's milk and eat puppy biscuits. We dewormed them and treated their skin infections. Every puppy was so well behaved and loveable. They ate their food very politely and never squabbled. We bought them new puppy coats to keep them warm.

Rescuing Beach Puppies


We found 2 tiny puppies living by a trash bin with rotten food in plastic containers and no sign of water on a deserted beach. Born in the wild they were in great danger from dogs bites and careless drivers. We learnt their 3 siblings had been run over by passing traffic.

Their Mum was no longer very attentive.

They needed to be rescued quickly and given urgent treatment for parasites and their wounds.


We brought them into our healing centre where we started immediate treatment including good food and supplements.


After 2 weeks they were strong enough for their first vaccinations.


Little Annabelle and Cora have settled and are having a wonderful time playing as they've never played before. Happy and free from danger at last.

Tourists Rescue Puppies


8 puppies were rescued by 2 tourists Ben and Mary from a deserted beach a 100kms from us with nowhere to find food or water.


They were tiny and one had already died. Ben and Mary contacted us to ask for help. After seeing the pictures of the tiny starving puppies, we agreed to take them in. This was the 2nd message we received after they returned to find the pups still in the same place.

On New Year's Eve 2021, Ben and Mary arrived with the 5 tiny pups.


The good news was 3 pups were adopted from the beach by a local family leaving 5. Ben and Mary also adopted the smallest puppy leaving us with four to care for.

We de-loused and de-wormed them immediately. They were very weak and dehydrated so we gave them vitamin supplements and calcium together with good food comprising dried puppy food with rice and fish. After two weeks they were strong enough to have their first combine vaccination. As we are writing this (23rd February 2022) they are now fully vaccinated, neutered and waiting for their forever homes.