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Management team



Co-Owner - Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand

Verity started rescuing dogs in Thailand 16 years ago when she volunteered with Hua Hin Dog Rescue where she was the adoptions manager.  After the name change to Headrock Dogs Rescue and move to Bang Saphan in 2009 Verity and her husband Thep took over. During the 11 years management Verity has helped Headrock Dogs Rescue to be recognised as a caring, efficient and responsive small operation.



Outreach Manager - Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand

Lin joined our small team in 2016 bringing a wealth of experience in dog rescuing in the Bang Saphan area. She has helped save the lives of many injured and cruely treated dogs in addition to dogs suffering from different types of cancer and the highly infectious TVT cancer.  Lin has also been involved in many large scale neutering clinics locally and around Thailand



Healing Assistant - Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand

Jip joined our team late 2019. Jip looks after her young daughter before coming here to work as our part time Healing Centre Assistant. Jip is great with the dogs. She's good at giving physiotherapy and works hard.



Co-Owner - Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand

Thep has been involved in the dog rescue environment for the past 16 years providing support to Hus Hin Dog Rescue before taking over Headrock Dogs Rescue with his wife Verity.  During the past 11 years Thep has been successful in finding fantastic homes locally for over 1,000 dogs and puppies. He has also successfully rescued many timid puppies and dogs with his patient and caring style.



Head of Headrock Dogs, UK

Derek began volunteering back in 2002 at Hua Hin Dog Rescue where he met Verity. For the next 5 years he travelled between the UK and Thailand several times providing support from the UK and volunteering whilst in Thailand. After the name change to Headrock Dogs Rescue in 2008 when Verity and Thep took over, Derek became our technical support and was a key figure in establishing HRD as a UK charity in 2016 and continues to support our growth.

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Healing Centre Assistant - Headrock Dogs Rescue Thailand

Boo worked for a large company before coming to us in the middle of 2019 as a part time healing assistant and quickly took over as the Healing Centre Assistant. Boo doesn't miss anything. She knows if a dog is injured, unwell or isn't eating well. Boo is great with the dogs and has learned a lot since working with us.

Outreach team



Outreach Team

Pa brings 10 years experience to the outreach team rescuing and treating dogs in the Bang Saphan market area and surrounding streets as well as in Temples.


Kru Daeng

Outreach Team

Kru Daeng has over 32 years experience working in Ban Krut area next to Bang Saphan. There she has been rescuing and treating Temple, street and beach dogs, dogs living in school grounds and responding to call from dog owners. Her wealth of experience is an invaluable asset to our outreach team.



Outreach Team

Sert brings 12 years experience treating Bang Saphan street and Temple dogs to our outreach team. He also responds to many calls for help from dog owners.



Outreach Team

Jai has 18 years experience rescuing and treating Bang Saphan street dogs and responding to calls from dog owners which she brings to the outreach team.

Healing Centre team



Healing Centre staff member

Paik is our building expert and has successfully built our new kitchen, sterile room and pens for our paraplegic dogs. As we’re constantly updating our pens Piak doesn’t have a moment’s rest! He also helps with the general cleaning and feeding work needed at our Centre aswell as helping transport our sick dogs to the vet often 100ks away.



Regular volunteer

Francoise began volunteering with us in September 2017 almost as soon as she arrived in Bang Saphan to live. Francoise is a qualified nurse and manager bringing her medical skills to help us. She has a great affection for all our dogs, which they return as she greets each one when she arrives before starting work.



Regular volunteer

Franz started helping us in November 2016 and hasn’t stopped since, volunteering 4 days a week! His wonderful caring nature makes him a favourite with all our dogs. There’s a sea of wagging tails when he and his wife Franziska arrive in the morning and commences to say hello to each and every dog.  



Regular volunteer

Franziska is Franz wife and starting volunteering with us in September 2017. It took a year for Franz to persuade her to come as she was nervous around so many dogs! She reluctantly tried volunteered for 1 day a week but in no time she fell in love with the dogs and 1 turned into 2, turned into 3 and now volunteers all 4 days a week with Franz! She has a wonderful way with the timid dogs and is a great asset to our centre.

71/1 Moo 1, Pong Prosart

Bang Saphan

Prachuap Khiri Khan

Thailand 77140

Tel; +66 89 028 3787

UK account HSBC 42114542

Thai account Kasikorn Bank


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