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0-3 years


Suffering from terrible mange, near starvation, serious dehydration, and a badly damaged eye.  This is how Bertie was brought to us in early November 2021, a very sad, sick little puppy.

Bertie's recovery unfolds in four stages captured in pictures, the initial one was taken after a few weeks with us, and followed by more pics a few months later showcasing a remarkable transformation. It might be hard to believe, but indeed, it's the same puppy!   Witnessing the evolution from a half-blind, bloated puppy with severe mange to the present-day Prince Charming is truly astonishing.

However, this transformation didn't happen by magic. At our Healing Center, dedicated efforts were invested in Bertie's well-being. Dietary adjustments were made to alleviate his bloated stomach, and his skin received daily treatments with natural remedies, complemented by Nexgard from the vet. Bertie's eyes were cleansed daily with eye washes and drops.

During his recovery, Bertie gained confidence daily but he still barked at strangers and retreated to his cage to hide in his bed. Though he is easily handled, an underlying tension remains.  Happily, he joined 2 adult dogs who share his large open pen.  The female, who is also very nervous following a horrific car accident, bonded with Bertie almost immediately.  This dog has strong maternal instincts and took to Bertie like his mother and Bertie responded like her son!

Bertie's path to recovery and readiness for adoption is ongoing, and the trauma he endured as a sick, young puppy living on the streets will linger for years. Despite the long road ahead, you can contribute to Bertie's well-being and make his future a happy one by demonstrating your care and sponsoring him for the next six months or even a year!

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