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0-3 years


Bobo, a 4-month-old puppy was bitten by an aggressive dog leaving him paralyzed. His owners said Bobo's spine was broken and the spinal cord was severed. 

We immediately took Bobo to our vet, who confirmed the diagnosis. Bobo's owners said they couldn't care for him as they didn't have the time. We decided to bring Bobo into our house for safety. He was enthusiastically welcomed by our resident dogs and wanted to play with them within hours.

I checked his back legs, and they were similar to Nong Malee's, who was also bitten by an aggressive dog. Bobo has strength in them, but he needs a lot of physiotherapy.

Bobo's update May 2024

We tried a standing frame for Bobo who twisted out of it twice which caused swelling near his spine where he was previously bitten.  Despite his desire to move around, the pain initially prevented him from doing so. I administered two types of anti-inflammatory medications and provided cage rest. Bobo was content to sleep for the first two days and gradually became more active as the pain diminished.

Bobo’s rapid growth has made handling him more challenging and has negatively impacted his back legs. His left back leg has atrophied and can no longer stretch to its full capacity, while his right back leg seems to have lost all muscle strength and is held straight out, possibly due to tendon damage. Bobo is receiving daily physiotherapy stretching and pulling exercises to give his legs the flexibility they had when a small


To ensure Bobo receives the care he needs for a chance at a better life, please consider sponsoring this energetic young dog. Your contribution can make a significant difference to Bobo's recovery. 

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