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0-3 years


Myla was brought to a recent neutering clinic in a cage paralysed and in very bad health

together with her mother and sister.

She’d been bitten by an aggressive monkey when collecting coconuts with his owner. The bite had caused her serious injury and pain but no-one helped the little puppy. She’d been dragging herself around for at least a month. Her back legs had become calcified and rigid making it impossible for her to stand. She was also in terrible condition covered in fleas and full of worms which would have eventually killed her. Both conditions were treated immediately.

Myla’s spine and back legs were x-rayed, clearly showing both her hips had been dislocated by the monkey’s hard bite. No wonder she couldn’t walk. An operation would be necessary to give Myla the chance to walk again. Calcification was setting into her hip joints so time was running out.

Myla had her double hip operation on Friday 22 January 2021. Steel pins or plates were placed in her hip joint and femur head on both hips. She was in the hospital for a long 2 weeks having daily laser treatment. She didn’t stop barking for joy when we collected her.

What a wonder of a puppy Myla is!

Back home after her major operation, in less than a week she's standing firmly in her harness. Every day she gets a little bit stronger. It's going to take a long time to get her withered back legs strong enough to take a few steps.

We're ready for the challenge. So is Myla.

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