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0-3 years


Baby Jasmine, also known as Nong Malee, faced a harrowing ordeal in an area inhabited by aggressive dogs near a bustling school. While searching for her family, she fell victim to an aggressive dog, leaving her with two broken vertebrae. In pain and dragging herself for two weeks, a compassionate woman who had been feeding her sought our assistance.

Nong Malee was swiftly taken to our special cases vet, revealing two fractured vertebrae. Despite the challenges, her spinal cord remained intact, offering hope for her ability to walk again. With a resilient spirit, Nong Malee has shown remarkable progress in a short time, gaining strength in her back legs. Her active nature aids in maintaining flexibility.

After nearly a year, Nong Malee is slowly advancing. She can now stand for a few minutes with minimal assistance, showcasing her playful tendencies by lifting and banging her feet rapidly. Though her journey includes stumbling over her weaker leg, her determination to run is evident. We are committed to supporting Nong Malee's recovery, and your assistance is crucial.

Consider becoming a sponsor for Nong Malee, offering her the specialized care she deserves during her ongoing rehabilitation. Your support will make a significant impact on the sweet puppy who has endured immense trauma in her brief life.

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