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0-3 years


Pampam endured a harrowing first month of life, having been forcibly separated from her mother and abandoned at a roadside shelter. Left to fend for herself, she faced starvation and dehydration, exacerbated by a vicious dog attack that inflicted deep wounds. In a dire state, Pampam required two injections for pain and infection, along with three stitches for the severe dog bites. Fortunately, a Parvo test yielded a negative result.

The initial hours were critical, as Pampam, traumatized, battled high temperatures and hyperventilation. Despite several close calls, the tiny puppy fought tenaciously for her life and is now on the path to recovery. 

In the last year since her rescue, Pampam has made incredible strides, though she still harbors a nervousness around strangers. Her deepest affections are reserved for our two paraplegic sweethearts, Myla and Malee, whom she playfully orbits. Pampam's mischievous side is evident in her penchant for dragging heavy flowerpots, and scattering newly planted seeds and flowers across the grass. Even carefully arranged flower displays are not spared from Pampam's playful antics, as she gleefully disassembles them one by one onto the floor.

In summary, Pampam is a bundle of energy, constantly in motion, and unapologetically curious. She has developed into a beautiful dog with a charming chocolate box face. Despite the lasting effects of the early dog bites on her left thigh, which left the leg slightly underdeveloped and weaker, Pampam has adapted remarkably well. A slight limp may be noticeable when she walks, but her zest for running at top speed overshadows any lingering effects of the injury.

As we continue to provide Pampam with the love and care she deserves, we invite you to join us in supporting her journey. Your generous sponsorship donations can make a meaningful difference in ensuring Pampam's ongoing well-being and happiness. Thank you for caring and being a crucial part of Pampam's story.

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