Education Program


Our First Education Seminar

Education is an important component of our program Saving Thailand’s forgotten dogs supported by FOUR PAWS International. The standard of animal welfare in our community is low due to ignorance. Our aim is to educate the young generation on good animal welfare and sterilization, to eradicate both cruelty and unwanted animals.


To meet these objectives, we held our first education seminar in January 2020 in association with FOUR PAWS International.


Some 80 students attended as part of their school curriculum aged 13-18. Local Government officials talked about the Laws for animal welfare, the fine for abandoning dogs and puppies, the dangers of rabies, and how their departments help with animal food, vaccines and neutering.

​One of our team members, a teacher at the school helped organize this event. She stressed how students should look after domestic animals, treat them for illnesses like mange and not dump them because they look ugly and dirty. Also, the importance of neutering. She showed many before and after treatment slides.


​A FOUR PAWS member ended the session by saying the students should not adopt a puppy or kitten unless they are ready to care for it and not to throw it away. She explained about the 5 basic needs domestic animals need to live a healthy life.


​We anticipate this will be the first of a number of education sessions to be organized during the year.

Please help us educate further and donate what you can.

Thank you.