Can You Help Sweet Little Puppy Myla Walk Again?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Myla was brought to a recent neutering clinic in a cage paralyzed and in very bad health together with her mother and sister.

Horrific Monkey Bite

She’d been bitten by an aggressive monkey collecting coconuts with his owner. The bite had caused her serious injury and pain but no-one had helped the little puppy. She’d been dragging herself around for at least a month. Her back legs had become calcified and rigid making it impossible for her to stand.

She was also in a terrible condition, covered in fleas and full of worms which would have eventually killed her. Both conditions were treated immediately.

Little Myla looked so sad and mournful after being separated from her family and put in a small cage. We were asked to take her to our Healing Centre as she’d surely die if returned to the life she’d just been rescued from.

Myla Can Feel Her Back Legs

The vet tested her reaction to assess if her spinal cord was severed. She responded with a yelp indicating she definitely had feeling! Myla could stand on her own for a few seconds with help but her back legs were weak, badly atrophied and misshapen.

Myla’s spine and back legs were x-rayed clearly showing both her hip