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Face of a brown dog

Saving Thailands Forgotten Dogs

Headrock Dogs mission is to educate and empower our community to improve the lives of sick and abandoned dogs, by raising the standards of animal welfare through education and outreach programs.

Without the generous donations you, our valued supporters have been making since 2002 we wouldn’t be here today.

A vet neutering a dog


Over 60 dogs and cats neutered every month text

Over 60 Dogs and Cats Neutered Every Month

A man and a lady holding some puppies found in the undergrowth

Rescuing Puppies

Awesome work from our outreach team text

Awesome Work From Our Outreach Team

4 people holding a resuced dog in a net
Caught amonst stacked steel girders text

Caught Amongst Stacked Steel Girders

Ben loving it!.jpg
Our first education seminar text
2 rescue workers vaccinating a dog
Keep emple and stret dogs safe text
A group of temple dogs eating
Feedin Temple and Street Dogs text
A sick dog covered in mange
The word Mange text
An old dog with cancer lying down
The words Cancer/TVT in text

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Copy of Registration documents
Association Registration text
Headrock Dogs Rescue Association’s registration with the Thai Ministry of Interior No. 99/2563.
On the 9th of June 2020, we received our Association registration.
HRD Association Registration.jpg
Headrock Dogs Logo
Shelter registation text
Headrock Dogs Rescue Association's registration with the Thai Ministry of Public Health No.003/2563.
On the 17th of September 2020, we received our Shelter Registration.
HRD Shelter registration.jpg
Dogs being fed by a monk
CSB Logo compassion Sans Borders.jpg
Cuddly logo

Our Partners

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Help save Thailand's forgotten dogs!

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