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Chusak Updates

Chusak's Story Continued

Chusak at the beginning
Black sick dog rescued

9th April 2021


Only 2 months ago Chusak was brought to us. He's now world's apart from the nearly dead painfully thin little blind dog found abandoned wandering by a busy road.

He's now an alert, feisty and demanding handsome little old man. These pictures say it all! We never thought He'd survive let alone recover so quickly.

All his treatment has been with natural products except for puppy antibiotics when he was at his worst. Thank you to our vet who insisted he had the mildest treatment for his weak body.

11th April 2021


This is the sweetness of Chusak! I was taken by surprise when he started giving me his paw.

I quickly started taking this video thinking he wouldn't do it again. He must have been taught to do this by his monster owners who threw him away.

Thais call this Sawadee. It means Hello and many Thai dogs are taught to do it. I felt so honoured that he trusted me enough to say Hello.

8th May 2021


Chusak is a walking miracle!

Chusak owes his life and current good looks to my husband Thep's devotion and hard work. Every morning at 7.00 am Thep was in Chusak's pen treating his sores, cooling him down, giving him meds and wrapping him up warm. And then checking up on him throughout the day with more meds and food. Several times it looked like Chusak wasn't going to make it.

Chusak adores Thep. He goes crazy when he hears Thep's voice.

Chusak now looks like a young dog not the broken, half alive, pitiful sight he was when we agreed to take him in in February.

He's feisty too. If any dog dares to come into his pen and goes anywhere near his bed he's in attack mode immediately. Never mind he's almost blind. There's nothing wrong with his nose!

This little old man will be with us until his time comes which won't be for quite a while by the look of him now!

almost blind old dog

11th June 2021


No-one's going to throw this beautiful old boy away again.

Chusak is Mr Handsome now with his new collar and he knows it! He barks constantly for attention and he gets it. He's a very clean boy and never messes in his pen. We let him out 3 or 4 times a day and he rushes off to see his special girlfriend PomPom. She's 3 times bigger than Chusak but he doesn't care.

In February Chusak was on death's door now he's opened the door to a new and caring life.

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