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Blind Old Dog Thrown Away Like a Piece of Rubbish

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Chusak’s story will break your hearts….but he has found happiness and security with us.

This senior dog was found staggering along the road totally blind and then collapsed in a heap.

How did a thin weak old dog with terrible skin condition come to be wandering seemingly lost in the road? The only answer can be that he was heartlessly dumped by his owners.

She Phoned Us For Help

A local dog lover saw this poor old boy near her house and quickly brought him in. His condition was so bad she phoned us for help. Could we take him in? Of course, we said Yes.

Chusak was immediately taken to the vet for a blood test and check-up. Amazingly he didn't have blood parasites but his red blood cell count was almost non-existent. The vet said he hadn’t eaten for days.

His poor body was finding it difficult to cope with food intake but slowly his stomach and intestines started to improve. The vet prescribed blood tonic 3 times a day and high vitamin supplements He told us to keep Chusak’s medications to a minimum as his weak body couldn’t cope.

It Was Touch and Go

Chusak didn’t move for 3 days. He lay in a bundle wrapped in blankets in the corner of his pen. He lifted his head briefly to eat a small amount of food and drink some water. He was so weak we wondered if we could pull him through. He then started to have a yellow discharge from his nose indicating an internal infection. The vet told us to give him low dose antibiotics for 5 days as his little body couldn’t cope with strong medicines. It was touch and go.

After a week on antibiotics Chusak started to look better. He even stood up weakly and after several days he started to walk slowly around his pen. Many of the red weeping sores on his body dried out. We are continuing to treat his skin with a mild solution of betadine and sterile water and some turmeric and put a lightweight jacket on to keep off the flies.

Off The Danger List

Chusak’s skin is almost white as he is still very anaemic despite the blood tonic. He’ll need this tonic for some considerable time together with the vitamin supplements prescribed by our vet.

After 3 weeks of intensive care we’re happy to report Chusak is off the danger list. He’s eating his food in great mouthfuls and his skin is continuing to improve. He still has bloody sores but there are only a few remaining.

Determined to Recover

This week Chusak has started to cry to get out of his pen in the early morning. He wants to relieve himself and waits until he can get out of his pen. Our dogs are curious about this newcomer but after a few sniffs, they walk away. Chusak shows no fear despite his blindness as long as Thep stays near. This sweet old boy who’s suffered a horrible trauma and cruelty by being thrown away like a piece of rubbish is making great strides in his recovery.

Chusak Will Be Happy & Safe

Chusak still has a long way to go before his blood is back to normal, and he’s put on weight, his skin has recovered and his fluffy fur re-grown. There is always concern he may have a setback but we’ll be here for him. Chusak will live the rest of his life with us happy and safe.

Please consider making a small donation to help Chusak in his recovery or chose something from our Wish List for him. Please leave us a message saying what you’ve chosen.

Chusak would also love another sponsor. He already has one wonderful lady who sponsored him immediately she read his story but we’d love him to have more caring people to sponsor him. Please click this link for Chusak’s Sponsorship Page.

Thank you for Caring!


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