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Sweet Corn Another Hit and Run Victim

Every week we get calls asking for help with dogs injured by careless drivers. Some injuries are very severe and result in paralysis and others such as broken legs can be treated by operation.

But many accidents are never reported or never seen and the poor puppy or dog suffers or dies alone. Sweet Corn was one of the lucky ones.

Hit and run Sweet Corn was hit by a careless driver and left lying on the roadside with a huge fracture to his femur bone. To say he was in agony is an understatement.

To make matters even worse he was drenched by a torrential rainstorm as he couldn't move to find shelter. The man who feeds Sweet Corn every day found this badly injured puppy in a terrible state. No X-ray machine He got him to our local vet who doesn't have an x-ray machine but on examination, he knew Sweet Corn's leg was broken. Amazingly there was no external wound. The vet bandaged and padded the leg very carefully to protect it overnight.

The young puppy was then brought to our Healing Centre where we placed him in a cage on soft warm rugs. He ate a big bowl of rice and fish and drank lots of water. This was a very good sign.

X-ray and blood test The next day we drove 100ks to our special cases vet with Sweet Corn lying quietly in the back. His leg was immediately x-rayed and a sharp vertical fracture was clearly visible. No wonder the poor little puppy was in agony.

I've never seen a puppy so well-behaved, especially as he was taken off the streets only the day before. He didn't flinch when having his blood taken or when having his leg x-rayed. Both experiences are terrifying for a little puppy who isn't used to being handled. Sweet Corn's white blood cell count was high and although he tested negative for blood parasites the vet felt he should be put on Doxycycline. The vet didn't want to wait to operate on his leg as infection may have already set in.

Operation next day We left him in his small cage where he just lay quietly on a cushion. The vet's assistant who was looking after Sweet Corn had already fallen in love with this adorable little puppy. When we said Goodbye he just looked at us with sad eyes but didn't make a sound.

The next day Sweet Corn had his operation to insert a steel rod into his leg. He was given gas as the vet felt Sweet Corn wasn't strong. It was a very worrying day as we waited for the vet to phone in the evening with the happy news Sweet Corn had pulled through the operation and was resting quietly. His operation wound had 13 stitches where the steel rod had been inserted into his femur bone. Sweet Corn looked like he'd coped well with this major traumatic event in his short life.

Laser treatment The following day the vet started laser treatment to help heal the operation wound and his fractured leg quickly. She told us we could collect Sweet Corn in a week when we'll bring him back to our Healing Centre. But he hasn't returned yet as his leg has become swollen and laser treatment must continue for another week.

Expensive procedure Sweet Corn's operation and 3-week inpatient stay will be over 15,000 baht or $390 which is a massive amount of money for a small organisation to raise. Our care for Sweet Corn won't end after his discharge as we must give him cage rest for another 2 or 3 weeks to make sure the femur bone has healed well. Many things could go wrong during this time. His femur bone may reject the steel pin which would cause a lot of pain. Sweet Corn may try to stand and walk on his leg too soon in his cage. And infection is always a major worry.

Pain-free life Please help us raise the money we need by making a small donation to help us pay Sweet Corn's operation bill and his aftercare. Without your generosity and our care, little Sweet Corn would be left to drag himself around on the roadside where he lived and would probably have died. But together we can give this deserving little puppy a chance to have a good pain free life.

Please consider sponsoring little Sweet Corn for 6 months to help him through his recovery to become strong and healthy. Our 6-month sponsorship choice is 100.00 pounds or $117 or 4,500 Thai Baht.

Your Compassion and Generosity Helps Save Lives Thank You for Caring!!

We are registered with the Thai Government but receive no government funding. We rely on your generosity to help us continue the work we've been doing since 2004 Saving Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Thank you


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