Sweet Corn Another Hit and Run Victim

Every week we get calls asking for help with dogs injured by careless drivers. Some injuries are very severe and result in paralysis and others such as broken legs can be treated by operation.

But many accidents are never reported or never seen and the poor puppy or dog suffers or dies alone. Sweet Corn was one of the lucky ones.

Hit and run Sweet Corn was hit by a careless driver and left lying on the roadside with a huge fracture to his femur bone. To say he was in agony is an understatement.

To make matters even worse he was drenched by a torrential rainstorm as he couldn't move to find shelter. The man who feeds Sweet Corn every day found this badly injured puppy in a terrible state. No X-ray machine He got him to our local vet who doesn't have an x-ray machine but on examination, he knew Sweet Corn's leg was broken. Amazingly there was no external wound. The vet bandaged and padded the leg very carefully to protect it overnight.

The young puppy was then brought to our Healing Centre where we placed him in a cage on soft warm rugs. He ate a big bowl of rice and fish and drank lots of water. This was a very good sign.

X-ray and blood test The next day we drove 100ks to our special cases vet with Sweet Corn lying quietly in the back. His leg was immediately x-rayed and a sharp vertical fracture was clearly visible. No wonder the poor little puppy was in agony.