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2022 A Year of Parvo and Injured Puppies

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR to all our wonderful supporters who've made 2022 a fantastic year for donations and sponsorships. Without your amazing generosity, we wouldn't be able to save so many tiny puppies from certain death and to stop many more unwanted puppies and kittens from being born. We are truly grateful.

Our First Litter The year started off with a bang! We agreed to take in 6 tiny starving puppies found 100ks away on a deserted beach by tourists. We treated, vaccinated and neutered them over a 4- month period and got all of them adopted. The year continued as it started, with 64 (and counting) puppies rescued both at our Healing Centre and at the temple where we also work.

Most of them were 6 weeks or less and abandoned in the bushes or by a busy road, a few with their mothers but most without. It's a miracle none were killed by passing vehicles or aggressive street dogs. Every litter was a heartbreaking sight with the puppies terrified all huddled together often with rain pouring down and drenching them.

Puppies injured and attacked Although there have been no deaths from road accidents we've recently rescued 2 puppies with broken legs from motorbikes hitting them. Operations to insert a steel pin is very expensive costing over $300 and there's always a danger of it being rejected. Cow Pord had the operation but little Sugar was treated by our vet who bandaged her leg to make a cast-like covering. She's still under treatment and restricted to her cage and the break is healing well.