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Staring death in the face tiny puppy Pampam had almost given up

The heartlessness is beyond belief This precious tiny puppy has been through hell in the first month of her life. Just imagine being separated from your Mother and dumped in a roadside shelter all alone. No food or water in sight. To add to her terror she was mauled by a dog leaving several deep wounds.

Little Pampam was found weak and terrified by a kind lady who contacted us immediately. She was in a bad way. Pampam needed 2 injections for pain and infection and 3 stitches for the deep dog bites she'd suffered. Our vet also tested her for Parvo and thankfully her test was negative

Starving and dehydrated I shudder to think how long Pampam had been without food and water. She was extremely dehydrated and drank lots of water but refused to eat. We knew the next 24 hours were very critical. Pampam was traumatised and looked like she'd lost interest in life just staring vacantly at nothing.

Several times I thought we were going to lose this tiny puppy. The day after we rescued her, Pampam had a temperature of 40.0c and was hyperventilating. I wrapped her in a wet cloth until her temperature dropped and I washed out her deep bites. She seemed better but was so quiet during the night and I was sure she'd passed. Early the next morning she started crying. I've never been so happy to hear a puppy cry! She started to eat tiny amounts of fish and drink goat's milk with electrolytes as an additional supplement.

Wounds dressed twice a day Pampam's wounds are dressed twice a day which must be painful but she never cries or wriggles. The worst bite is right against her vulva making it very difficult to keep clean. Other deep bites are on her back and thighs so she must have tried to run away as she was being attacked.

With the help of antibiotics, betadine gel, honey, puppy vitamins, soft rice and fish and goat's milk, Pampam is starting to get stronger. And the best news of all.... she pooped after 6 days. I was starting to get very worried but the vet said she needs time to get her stomach and intestines working again after being starved and dehydrated. More alert Pampam is the sweetest little puppy. She doesn't demand attention but lies on her bed and watches everything going on around her. She's even started joining our other dogs in their howling chorus. Pampam has made it through her critical first days and is on the road to recovery. But we're still very cautious.

She's started to wag her tail when she sees our dogs and cries to get out of her pen. As Pampam isn't vaccinated I'm not taking the risk of letting her get too close to our dogs so I take her with me in her bed when I'm working. She's still very nervous of quick actions and cowers and growls.

Can you be part of Pampam's recovery? We're not asking for a lot. Small donations of $5.00 or $10.00 to help PamPam in her recovery both physically and emotionally would be fantastic.

If any of you would like to sponsor sweet Pampam over the next 6 months that would be our dream come true. Your sponsorship would contribute towards Pampam's vaccinations, regular treatments, vet visits, food, supplements and neutering. She's on our sponsor page. Our sponsorship rates are on this link; Perhaps you might like to choose something from our Wish List for little Pampam. Here’s the link and please put your choice on your donation;

Thank you for caring about sweet Pampam who deserves the best.

Your Compassion and Generosity Helps Save Lives Thank You for Caring!!

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