Staring death in the face tiny puppy Pampam had almost given up

The heartlessness is beyond belief This precious tiny puppy has been through hell in the first month of her life. Just imagine being separated from your Mother and dumped in a roadside shelter all alone. No food or water in sight. To add to her terror she was mauled by a dog leaving several deep wounds.

Little Pampam was found weak and terrified by a kind lady who contacted us immediately. She was in a bad way. Pampam needed 2 injections for pain and infection and 3 stitches for the deep dog bites she'd suffered. Our vet also tested her for Parvo and thankfully her test was negative

Starving and dehydrated I shudder to think how long Pampam had been without food and water. She was extremely dehydrated and drank lots of water but refused to eat. We knew the next 24 hours were very critical. Pampam was traumatised and looked like she'd lost interest in life just staring vacantly at nothing.