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12 Puppies Heartlessly Thrown on the Roadside and Left to Die

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

8 Tiny Puppies Running Around in Blind Terror It was only luck that the dog-loving monk was meditating in his Kuti (house) when he heard puppies crying on the road. He's a great dog lover and couldn't continue without investigating. What he saw shocked him. 8 tiny 2-week old puppies were running all over the road in terror. They didn't know where to go and would have been run over if the monk hadn't been there to help them. He rushed back to his Kuti to take a small cage and collect the puppies.

But 8 puppies running all over the place were too much for him. He flagged down a passer by to help him. As they were collecting the puppies a car stopped and asked for 2 puppies. He happily handed them over as he knew the people.

4 Bigger 2-month-old Puppies are Terrified Too His helper told him that she'd seen 4 bigger puppies also running around the road further back round the bend. They went there and luckily the terrified puppies were cowering in the undergrowth.

All 10 puppies were put in the cage together and taken to the temple puppy pen. Happily not one puppy was injured but they were all very frightened. Word must have got out about the abandoned puppies as the next morning a family came to choose 3 puppies. 7 puppies were left behind. They were hungry wet and cold. We knew the monk couldn't look after them well so we brought them into our Healing Centre.

7 Puppies Need to Forget Their Trauma We gave them warm rugs to lie on, room service 4 times a day, their pen cleaned as many times, vitamins and calcium to make them strong, de-tick to keep away the ticks and fleas, de-worm meds to kill the worms. Our prime concern was to help them get over their horrific ordeal, grow strong and beautiful and eventually settle down in loving homes.

Happy families Our supporters suggested many names for them and we finally chose; Scout, Chips and Bashful for the boys, Molly, Lucy, Yoyo and Kira for the girls.

We were concerned the bigger puppies would bully the little ones but they didn't. They immediately became one big happy family! They play together, eat together, sleep together and wee on their rugs together!

Feeding Time with Great Table Manners! Puppy food time is always a bit frantic especially if we have to give the pups their vitamins first. Happily they get on very well and the big ones never squabble or bully the younger pups.

7 Puppies' Needs are Many! Feeding 7 growing puppies is expensive as they need a good quality dry food mixed with brown rice and fish. Their daily vitamins and calcium supplements are also costly together with their de-worm and de-tick treatments.

Vaccinations are also essential to protect them against killer viruses such as Parvo and Distemper. They've just had their first combine vaccination Strong, healthy puppies get adopted quickly and we'll be looking for loving homes for them after their 2nd combine vaccination. They've all had a traumatic start in life with being heartlessly thrown onto a busy road and they deserve a bright future. Please donate to help give them a bright future Caring for 7 puppies for 3 months easily costs 20,000 baht, $600 or £450 plus vets' bills if they fall ill or get injured. Neutering will be an additional expense at $150 or £100.

We are asking for your support and compassion to help these 7 little babies. Please consider making a small donation to help them grow strong and beautiful. They deserve the best we can give them. Perhaps you could choose something from our Wish List too.

Thank you for caring!


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