A Walking Skeleton on the Brink of Death

Not an ounce of flesh on him

If dogs could talk Tony's story would be heartbreaking. Scouring the streets of Thailand looking for morsels of food, most of it rotten, to fill his empty stomach. It's not surprising we found him collapsed on the road.

The sight of him was shocking. In my 18 years of helping Thai street dogs, I've never seen one in Tony's condition, just skin and bones without an ounce of flesh on him. We immediately took him to the vet to test for blood parasites. He tested positive which didn't surprise us and the vet told us to start treatment immediately.

The only medication to treat blood parasites is Doxycycline which is very damaging to the stomach. How were we going to treat Tony who can't keep any food down?

Only tiny amounts of food

Once at our Healing Centre Tony just lay in his bed and sniffed at the first bowl of food we gave him. It was almost as if he'd forgotten what food looked like but when we added fish soup he started to eat a tiny amount. He could only take 2 or 3 spoonful's at a time. Tony was also very dehydrated. We took a difficult decision to delay his treatment until he started to eat more regularly.