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Pinky has Heartworm, Gangrene and Five Tiny Puppies

The sea was just inches away

The story of rescuing Pinky and her five tiny puppies is one of the most heartbreaking we've faced over 15 years. One of our rescuers found Pinky on the roadside waiting for a kind soul to give her food. Our rescuer Oi, was that person and she knew Pinky had puppies due to her slightly enlarged mammary glands.

But Pinky was very nervous and it took Oi four days to get Pinky's trust and lead Oi to her five tiny puppies. They were huddled under a bush with a deep drain on one side and the rising sea on the other. Oi could see the tide marks were inches away from her puppies. She knew Pinky and her family must be rescued immediately.

Pinky Has Heartworm

Pinky had been holding her back leg up continuously which needed immediate examination by our vet. He found a deep hole down to her bone full of maggots. But even worse Pinky tested positive for heartworm and was in great danger of dying if not treated immediately.

This little family was taken to our Healing Centre where they settled in quickly with food as they were all starving. Pinky was so thin she'd hardly produced any milk for them and the puppies were skin and bone too. Her breathing was laboured due to the heartworm she was suffering from.

And Gangrene

Pinky's back foot was cleaned and dressed daily but after a few days her entire back leg swelled up alarmingly. We rushed back to the vet who immediately saw her skin peeling off her foot right up to her elbow. Pinky had gangrene.

This diagnosis shocked us rigid. Pinky was taken in for an emergency operation to amputate her back leg. We prayed we'd got her in time to stop the gangrene from spreading, but we hadn't. Two days later Pinky stopped eating and had diarrhoea and her breathing was even more laboured. From Her Leg To Her Intestines On arrival at the vet's clinic Pinky excreted a lot of foul-smelling blood. The first thought was Parvovirus which she tested negative for. The gangrene infection had reached her intestines and was infecting them badly. The vet put Pinky on a 500 ml IV and gave her a very strong antibiotic injection. Thankfully Pinky's puppies were eating rice and fish with no ill effects but they missed their Mum. Pinky had to be separated from them in a small cage whilst her operation wound healed and as part of her heartworm treatment. Restricted movement is vitally important for heartworm cases to stop the worms from invading her entire body.

Pinky's Asking You For Her Life We've just rushed Pinky to our special cases vet 100ks away for tests and further treatment. We know you are all great dog lovers and we're asking for your help to save Pinky. The vet said if she's eating and is defecating normally there's a chance Pinky will survive. She's doing both so we must give her the best chance we can.

This clinic has worked miracles on many of our dogs with serious wounds and illnesses. We pray Pinky will be no exception but their treatments come at a cost which we often struggle to meet. We are asking you and all our wonderful supporters to dig deep into your pockets and donate something so Pinky can live to care for her 5 puppies. They all miss her terribly.

Your Compassion and Generosity Help Save Lives Thank You for Caring!!

We are registered with the Thai Government but receive no government funding. We rely on your generosity to help us continue the work we've been doing since 2004 Saving Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Thank you



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