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Pinky has Heartworm, Gangrene and Five Tiny Puppies

The sea was just inches away

The story of rescuing Pinky and her five tiny puppies is one of the most heartbreaking we've faced over 15 years. One of our rescuers found Pinky on the roadside waiting for a kind soul to give her food. Our rescuer Oi, was that person and she knew Pinky had puppies due to her slightly enlarged mammary glands.

But Pinky was very nervous and it took Oi four days to get Pinky's trust and lead Oi to her five tiny puppies. They were huddled under a bush with a deep drain on one side and the rising sea on the other. Oi could see the tide marks were inches away from her puppies. She knew Pinky and her family must be rescued immediately.

Pinky Has Heartworm

Pinky had been holding her back leg up continuously which needed immediate examination by our vet. He found a deep hole down to her bone full of maggots. But even worse Pinky tested positive for heartworm and was in great danger of dying if not treated immediately.