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Fatal Fangs - 74 People Contract Rabies

Rabies in Thailand In February this year, 74 people contracted rabies from dogs and cats in 13 provinces. The urgency of our annual vaccination program can't be underestimated and will start this month to include up to 200 street, temples and Healing Centre dogs.

The height of summer is pounding us again with heat stroke warnings and a minor possibility of rabies in our area. But we must be very diligent. We're asking for your help by donating a small amount towards the vaccines needed to keep our dogs and community safe.

A few years ago a cat living close to the temple where we care for the dogs contracted rabies and scratched her owner who also contracted the virus. The Livestock Department put the cat down and the owner was treated and recovered in the hospital. It was a very worrying time.

Urgent vaccinations A government spokesman said, "The major cause of the recent spread is the recklessness of pet owners who fail to have their pets vaccinated against the deadly virus".

All the dogs we care for in several temples and our Healing Centre must be vaccinated to keep them and the people in our community safe. Our program is critically important as we know rabies is a serious public health issue.

The need cannot be underestimated Vaccines aren't cheap. The cost for 200 combination vaccines is over 24,000 baht or $700 which is a cost we can't delay. That's why we're asking for your help to make sure our dogs and community are protected against rabies.

The vaccines will give additional protection against killer viruses including, distemper, parvo, leptospirosis and influenza too. If you've ever seen a dog with rabies or a tiny puppy dying from parvo I'm sure you'll understand the importance of our vaccination program.

Please donate any amount now to make this critically important program possible.

Your Compassion and Generosity Help Save Lives Thank You for Caring!!

We are registered with the Thai Government but receive no government funding. We rely on your generosity to help us continue the work we've been doing since 2004 Saving Thailand's Forgotten Dogs Thank you



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