Abandoned Exhausted Old Dog Lying In The Middle Of The Road

Updated: 4 days ago

Starving with seriously infected ears He wasn’t moving despite cars barely avoiding him. The woman who saw this old boy braved the traffic to try to move him. Then she noticed a bad smell coming from his ears. She called us. We asked her to stay with the dog until we arrived to get him to the vet. His ears were full of maggots and pus. To say they were in a terrible state is an understatement. The infection must have weakened him together with the lack of food.

The vet extracted 100s of maggots, cleaned his ears and gave him his first antibiotic injection. The poor old boy was starving too. It's probable he'd been abandoned several days earlier and became too weak to move so he just lay down where he was! In the middle of the road. Chuchai heartlessly abandoned How do we know he was abandoned? Because he wagged his tail when he saw help was on the way and he trusted us. He never tried to bite even though he was wearing a muzzle at the vet. Locals said they thought he’d had an owner and been dumped. Then people working in a rubber tree plantation were feeding him and when they moved on they left him behind. This happens so often in our area.

We named him Chuchai and he’s now at our Healing Centre whilst he recovers…. or maybe forever. We’ve compiled a special diet for him with fresh fish, vegetables, red rice, vitamins and oils. He's been treated with antibiotics for a week. Chuchai is very happy and wags his tail a lot! . Treating Chuchai We had to cut away the matted fur around his ears. They are cleaned and medicated every day which is a very delicate painstaking task. Chuchai is very trusting and tolerant and never wriggles or tries to bite. We're happy he came into our care before the infection got to a critical stage when surgery would have been necessary. It had already gone deep into his ear canal and will take several weeks or even months of treatment before we can be confident the infection has been completely eradicated.