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Abuse and Neglect of Local Street Dogs are a Daily Occurrence

The stories below are about just three of the abused street and owned dogs we've had calls to help this month. The neglect and cruelty is heartbreaking. We've been working tirelessly for the last 14yrs to save the lives of abandoned and cruelly treated dogs and puppies. Our work is now in jeopardy.


Somchai lives with his pack in a wood at the back of a large school. The schoolmaster doesn't want them there and has forbidden anyone to feed them. But one brave lady sneaks into the school after it's closed to do just that.

Somchai's eye was ruptured She missed Somchai for a week then he reappeared. She was shocked at his condition. His left eye was badly infected and bloody. He'd been attacked. She phoned us for help.

She got him to the vet who operated immediately to extract the eye. The injury had happened at least a week before so it couldn't be saved. How did this happen? The vet thought the damaged eye had been hit full-on by a stone from a catapult.

Somchai is a perfect patient Somchai is now recovering with us. He's a sweet-natured dog and trusted us as soon as we gave him his first plate of rice and chicken!

Daeng Daeng lives at the front of a local 7 ELEVEN. People who know him said he came running out of a side road screaming with his eye streaming with blood. There's a stall selling watermelons there and the owners hate dogs. They say the dogs urinate on their watermelons so they use catapults to shoot stones at these poor dogs.

Daeng was cruelly injured This is what had happened to Daeng who is very timid and unlikely to go near their watermelons yet alone urinate on them.

We tried to catch him and bring him in for treatment but he was too terrified. We tried a sedative but that didn't work. So we decided to give him antibiotics in sausages which he ate.

Happily, Daeng is recovering!! We visit him every day and have been working hard to win his trust but he's still very nervous. Thankfully, his eye is recovering as it wasn't ruptured, which is a small miracle.

Bear Bear's story is heartbreaking. He had a massive badly infected head wound and his owner did nothing to help him. He just let the wound fester.

Bear's wound was a shock to see The concerned lady who lives nearby phoned to ask for our help. We were horrified at what we saw and immediately treated Bear outside his house. We couldn't take him away without his owner's permission. The fur around his wound was badly matted and had to be cut away revealing deep holes. Thankfully the wound wasn't maggot-infested as the lady who called us had been putting maggot powder on it.

Bear gave up We cleaned Bear's wound for a week with antiseptic creams and powders and gave him antibiotics. The wound was drying out well.

We went to treat him as usual and found him dead outside his house. The owner hadn't even taken his body in. I think Bear just gave up. His life wasn't in danger once we started treating him; he was improving. We need your support more than ever If you've been supporting us for a long time these 3 stories won't surprise you. They give a clear picture of the work we've been doing over the past 14 years. But here's the crunch. Our finances are depleting rapidly. It may be only a matter of months, not years before we have to close our doors on these vulnerable suffering dogs and puppies.

Fufu was left with a broken back after kids driving their motorbike hit him at full speed.

Somkit was left screaming in agony with a broken back after he got hit by a speeding car hurling him into the long grass.

We know it's a hard ask with Covid-19 hitting everyone's lives

We are registered with the Thai Government and with the Charities Commission in the UK. But we don't get funding from either. That's why we rely on you, our valued supporters, for your generous donations to enable us to continue with our important work.

Our monthly expenditure exceeds our income by over £1,000. You may wonder how we've kept going for so long. The answer is, we've managed to save some of your generous donations made over the years to help in times like these.

We've always watched our budget. By working extremely hard with few staff helping us, we've remained solvent and saved lives.

They need us as much as we need you! Without our Outreach work vulnerable dogs and puppies, many of whom have been thrown away and left to live in appalling pain from neglect, will eventually die.

Please could you sponsor us so we can continue? We are asking for your kindness and generosity to sponsor us with a monthly donation. If just 30 of our truly valued supporters could consider making a monthly recurring donation of £20/$27 - £30/$4, the chasm that's opening up in front of us can be avoided. Please help us to continue to save the voiceless sufferers.

We truly thank you for your compassion and generosity!



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