Atrocious Driving Leaves Ton Paralyzed

Abandoned, starving and searching for food Ton's bad luck started 2 weeks ago when he was hit by a speeding car and left sprawling in the road. It was dark and the car following had to slam on his brakes to avoid running over Ton. Neither driver stopped.

One of our staff and a shop owner who regularly feeds Ton saw the accident and helped get him to our vet who was just closing.

We were told this beautiful dog had an owner who dumped him when they moved house. Ton has been living wild with a group of feral dogs and has become very timid. He's such a gentle soul our hearts break for him.

Ton needed x-rays quickly The vet made a quick examination and said his hip was dislocated and he thought Ton's spine was broken. He advised us to get his injuries x-rayed quickly. Once again we were frustrated by the lack of x-ray equipment in our town. All 3 vets have none.

We rushed Ton to our special cases vet 100ks away. The x-rays showed Ton's right hip was dislocated and his spine was cracked near his tail. The vet tested his response by pinching hard on his back paws. There was none so he felt Ton's spinal cord was damaged. Meaning he's paralysed.