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Bronze Goes Home After A Long Battle Against the TVT Killer Virus

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We're happy to report Bronze is our 15th successful TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour) case in 18 months.

After 4 long months of sickness, and recovery, Bronze finally goes home. His owner was very happy to have him back and Bronze was overjoyed too.

This is how we found him running around in great pain 5 months ago.

As you can see from his picture, Bronze's cancerous tumour covers over half his face. We can't imagine how ill he must have felt.

Bronze's Story

For those of you who don't know Bronze’s story, his tumour was a horrific nasal TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour) which is highly contagious. Bronze became infected by sniffing a female dog suffering from TVT. This horrific virus can be transmitted by mating with an infected partner, sniffing and licking. The tumours can go to the dog’s brain, cause blindness as well as infecting the male or female dog’s sexual organs.

If not treated Bronze would have died in great pain.

Bronze has an owner but unfortunately, she did not have the means to provide him with the necessary care he desperately needed. We simply couldn't ignore this boy in need so we agreed to help.

The Chemotherapy Injections begin

First Injection

Two days after we found bronze we managed to catch him with the help of his owner. Our vet then gave him his first injection.

Second Injection

This Picture shows bronze after his second injection, the wound still looked very painful but there were signs of healing.

Third Injection

After Bronze's third injection the wound had almost closed up and the swelling on his face started to go down. However, we were concerned with his oosing eye which remaind half closed.

Fourth Injection

Although Bronze had improved greatly, he wasn't looking strong, His nose was still swollen and his eye continued to ooze. After consultation with our vet, we decided to bring him into our healing center for observation.

Although Bronze had improved greatley he wasn't looking strong, His nose was still swollen and his eye continued to ooze. After conlsultation with our vet we decided to being himl into our healing centre for observation.

Bronze Collapsed from Blood Parasites

Suddenly, he fell ill with a spiked fever of 42c and was overheating and in pain. He had SEVERE blood parasites that stripped him of all his strength. Poor Bronze fought for his life with 2 types of blood parasites. E Canis and Anaplasmosis the latter being very virulent.

He was on a drip twice a day for 5 days and had stopped eating. It was touch and go for a few days but slowly Bronze started to eat a few mouthfuls of rice and fish. We knew he would pull through with our constant care.

Thankfully his liver and kidney blood test results showed no signs of damage. Poor Bronze was in a very critical condition, but he still wagged his tail. He wanted to live and we did everything in our power to help him.

A Breakthrough!

Two weeks into his treatment bronze regained strength and started to recover quickly with the help of multivitamins, fish oil, liver meds, CBD oil, and lots of good food. After one-month Bronze's treatment finished. He was a different dog, full of energy, smiles and wagging tail., His wonderful recovery meant that after 2 weeks we could vaccinate him against distemper. Parvo and rabies. He had no adverse reaction to the vaccinations, so after 2 weeks he was neutered to ensure he would never contract the TVT virus again. A week after Bronze was neutered, we took out his stitches and decided it was time for him to return home.


Bronze finally goes home to his owner who was waiting to give him a happy homecoming. He ran around sniffing and marking his old area and meeting his old friends again.

We will miss this sweet dog who fought so bravely against the life-threatening conditions he was faced with. To have 2 types of blood parasites as well as a life-threatening tumour and to pull through both of them takes a big will to live. We were very happy to assist him in his fight.

How can you help?

We run a life-saving TVT program and would be overjoyed if you could support us. A small donation will help to save more dogs like Bronze suffering from this killer cancer. One Chemotherapy vaccination costs 600THB, $20, 27AUD, 17EUR and £15. A dog suffering from TVT normally needs 5 injections to eradicate this virus, additional essential medications are to protect the liver and brain.

Thank you SO much for your amazing support. We'd love to hear your comments.

Donations save lives and stop the suffering.

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