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Killer Viruses Cause Unbearable Suffering

Vaccinations save lives

If you've seen a young puppy dying from Parvovirus or a dog fighting for its life with Distemper, you'll understand the importance of our annual vaccination program.

Puppy very sick with Parvovirus

A Rabid Dog

We're not only saving dogs' and puppies' lives, we're also protecting our local community against rabies which is still a threat in Thailand. In 2018 there was a nationwide outbreak when 100s of dogs were killed by the Livestock Dept. Our dogs were exempt as we could prove their vaccinations with our cards. Sadly many weren't saved as there was no evidence.

Over 200 dogs and puppies We launched this year's vaccination program in early April 2022 with the vaccination of 40 dogs in the temple where we've been working for the past 14 years.